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April 27, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, News, Tech
Bitcoin ushered in a new class of asset in 2009, but nowadays, the novel financial instrument has reached somewhat of a peak with its popularity skyrocketing as never before. This growing interest increasing acceptance has also paved the way for several research studies on the subject. On April 23, 2018,...
On March 28, 2018, American technology giant Intel has filed a patent for a Bitcoin mining “hardware accelerator” to, theoretically at least, improve the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining chips. Cooling Down a Hot Process Records available with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows that the application had first been...
Microsoft goes Blockchain; with a new Plugin for Office 10, it is possible to store a hash of documents on the blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic. With this, you can prove the authenticity of any document - without a notary or a lawyer. Did Microsoft just unleash the first...
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