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BlockHealth Summit Dubai  •  

# health News

In an attempt to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, a crypto enthusiast entrepreneur (or a team) have come up with an innovative idea to blend two passions; virtual currencies and nutrition, by enabling grocery shopping using cryptocurrencies, known as CoinGrocer. The ardent anonymous team launched a beta version of an...
March 29, 2018 by at Altcoins, Business, ICO News, News, Tech
The relatively new mobile health market has been growing immensely and in a big way. But, just like with any new product and market the full benefit of this ecosystem has yet to be realized. For consumers and businesses alike, there is a lack of cohesiveness and interconnectivity between the...
January 12, 2018 by at Blockchain, Business, News, Tech
An Indian news publication, Economic Times, reported on January 4, 2018, that the government’s policymaking subsidiary is actively looking into the applications of blockchain technology in the areas of education and agriculture. The body of the government currently exploring the technology is Niti Aayog, also known as the National Institution...
June 10, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Business, News
SinglePoint and First Bitcoin Capital (FBC) signed a Joint Venture agreement to develop and distribute a proprietary payments solution which will allow large-scale, risk-free use of credit and debit cards within the Cannabis industry. Although the buying and selling of cannabis for medical and recreational use have been legalized by...
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