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Blockchain Life 2019  •  

# ICOs News

Just as bitcoin seems to be approaching the next bull run, we speak to Dave Hodgson, the Director and Co-Founder of NEM Ventures about their upcoming projects, what this bull run could mean and ICOs. BTCManager About two years ago, ICOs seemed to be the most popular option for a...
According to a Bloomberg report published April 11, 2019, Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) have emerged as the preferred way of raising funds for the majority of new startups in the blockchain and crypto space. IEOs Trump ICOs Keen followers of the crypto industry would remember the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)...
There is a little more clarity regarding the legal status of digital assets as two SEC officials have published a framework that helps in determining whether an asset qualifies as such on April 3, 2019. A Guiding Force The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a long and interesting history...
March 26, 2019 by at Finance, ICO News, News, Platform
An ICO project that ended up failing to launch is now being sold on eBay to anyone willing to pay $60,000 and make something out of it, as noted by Financial Times on March 25, 2019. An ICO for Sale Ivan Kumar, the mastermind behind the initial venture, is now...
The ICO's heyday in 2017 saw various digital assets emerge only to crash in 2018 thanks to the bearish crypto market. ICOs raised billions of dollars in a relatively short time and brought the crypto market cap to over $800 billion before it fizzled out. As the ICO candle was...
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