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Trading volumes on Turkish cryptocurrency exchanges increased by 37 percent since October 2018, which shows that Bitcoin's popularity isn't affected by the recent drops in the country's year-long inflation, Slate reported on December 10, 2018. Inflation Pushes People Towards Cryptocurrencies In a turn of events that surprised economists and analysts...
If a recent interview from a Duke professor is something to go by, the U.S. national fiat currency could soon be replaced by a national cryptocurrency. Per a report published by The Chronicle, dated September 19, 2018, Duke Fuqua School of Business’ professor, Campbell Harvey, not only believes that the...
Admir Tulic, a crypto enthusiast and investor, has likened Bitcoin to a valuable cure for a global economic disease. Writing in a blog post on his Medium page, the Content and Community Manager stead that the pioneer cryptocurrency will take on and defeat what he terms as “the massive...
In order to curb inflation in Venezuela, five zeroes will be removed from the national currency, the Bolivar according to July 26, 2018, reports. Furthermore, the value of the money will reportedly be tied to the government-controlled cryptocurrency, the Petro. Venezuela before the Fall Hyperinflation has plagued Venezuela since the...
At a time when central banks and other heavyweights in the traditional finance sector are busily stating reasons why bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem can't function as fiat money, highly reputable serial entrepreneur Jeffrey Wernick has come up with ideas why he thinks the world’s legacy finance system is...
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