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February 19-20, 2019

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Peter Todd has been one of the most vocal developers in the Bitcoin space and for good reason. The 33-year-old Canadian software engineer has been fiddling with the pioneer cryptocurrency for some time now, and when perusing his blog, much of this work has also shaped much of the crypto...
After his recent departure from QTUM, Stephen Xu shared his thoughts with BTCManager on the challenges facing the blockchain space, the China ban and the future of cryptocurrency. A graduate of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Stephen Xu is a veteran in the blockchain space, and also worked...
October 17, 2016 by at Altcoins, Interviews, News, Tech
Founded in early 2016, Lisk is a decentralized blockchain platform with a robust set of features. Headquartered in Berlin, Lisk uniquely allows for the deployment, distribution, and monetization of blockchain applications, each connected to their own sidechains. This ensures the scalability and security of the entire Lisk network. It is...
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