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NEO DevCon 2019  •  
February 16-17, 2019

# Iran News

The Iran Blockchain Community, a local NGO dedicated to developing blockchain technology in the country, welcomed the Central Bank's draft policy on cryptocurrencies as it could help citizens bypass the sanctions imposed by the U.S., the Financial Tribune reported on February 2, 2019. CBI Unveils Draft Policy on Cryptocurrencies Back...
January 29, 2019 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, Finance, News
Iran could unveil its state-backed cryptocurrency by the end of the week, as the country keeps looking for ways to avoid the harsh sanctions imposed by the U.S., Al Jazeera reported on January 27, 2019. State-Backed Stablecoin Facing an unprecedented financial crisis due to the harsh sanctions imposed by the...
Even though the Iran Rial is weakening against the USD, as well as the bear market Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are facing, many Iranians are turning to mine digital tokens to help make money, as per a report on December 17, 2018. The report goes into the lives of two Iranians, Ali Hosseini...
While the cryptocurrency bear market shows no signs of slowing down, countries across the world are swiftly exploring the potential of blockchain technology and virtual currencies. Joining the legion of blockchain “friendly” nations are Iran and Egypt, who have both voiced their intentions to deploy the disruptive technology in a...
It’s the first time the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has linked Bitcoin addresses to specific individuals. According to Bloomberg’s article published on November 29, 2018, the Treasury Department mentioned in a statement on Wednesday that the two Iran-based individuals, Mohammad Ghorbaniyan and Ali Khorashadizadeh, were responsible for...
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