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# John McAfee News

The supposedly "unhackable" cold storage Bitcoin wallet had to be hacked twice before the company decided to admit defeat in an August 30, 2018, tweet.   Not Unhackable Anymore In an announcement made on Twitter, Bitfi, the company that manufactures hardware crypto wallets, said it will be removing the "unhackable"...
Luxcore recently finished a corporate reorganization along with a series of hard forks which introduced new blockchain features its ecosystem to maintain a leadership role as a blockchain service provider, as stated in an announcement on August 13, 2018. The company bills itself as an enterprise-ready blockchain ecosystem platform. The recent...
August 2, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, News, Tech, wallet
The world’s first “unhackable” cryptocurrency wallet, as claimed by John McAfee, faced the wrath of security researchers soon after its announcement on July 28, 2018. Not so Unhackable Cybersecurity blogger Ryan Castellucci first called out Bitfi’s supposed security features on his blog, breaking down several aspects that struck experts as...
July 28, 2018 by at News, wallet
If you possess decent cyber hacking skills, then you might want to give attention to John McAfee’s latest open challenge. The eccentric antivirus software creator posted a tweet on July 24, offering a $100,000 reward to whoever can break into his Bitfi cryptocurrency wallet. McAfee and Bitfi Share Strong Conviction...
The notorious and controversial cryptocurrency figure John McAfee has once again made headlines. Bitcoin bull McAfee was scheduled to deliver a live speech at Blockchain World Conference (BWC), however owing to “a number of credible death threats against McAfee,” organizers were compelled to cancel the in-person speech. Abduction Reports The...
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