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# JP Morgan News

May 21, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Investment, News
A recent study by JP Morgan reveals that bitcoin’s recent price pump has caused the coin to surpass its intrinsic value. Per a report on Bloomberg, March 20, 2019, the strategists, however, warn that the BTC price surge echoes 2017’s bull rally which saw the market crash afterward. History Repeating Itself? U.S. investment...
J.P. Morgan led banking consortium, Interbank Information Network (IIN), is using blockchain's network effect to move a staggering volume of workflow to a distributed ledger, as reported by Forbes on May 13, 2019. Enterprise Blockchain Advancing In October of 2017, J.P. Morgan (JPM) quietly initiated a tiny network of their industry competition...
In an exclusive reveal to Forbes, April 29, 2019, Truffle announced it is spinning off from ConsenSys and has raised money to expand into enterprise-grade solutions. Following the spin-off, Joseph Lubin will join as a board member. Bringing Blockchain to the Corporate World When the Truffle Suite first launched, it...
According to a report published by PYMNTS on April 22, 2019, JPMorgan Chase is mulling utilizing blockchain technology to bolster the banking industry’s payment system. The multi-national company is also considering getting onboard a number of fintech companies to develop the desired platform. Blockchain to Help in Revamping Banking Payment...
April 10, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Business, Finance, News
LGO Markets, a digital asset trading platform for institutional investors, has announced that BitGo will be their official partner to offer custodian services for their clients on April 8, 2019. Safekeeping 2019 is shaping up to be the year that cryptocurrency and the mainstream financial world have their long-awaited partnership....
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