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February 23-24, 2019

# Kik News

January 28, 2019 by at Business, News, Regulation
According to a report by The Wall Street Journal published on January 27, 2019, Canadian social-media giant Kik Interactive Inc. is contemplating locking horns with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the latter’s diktat on the legal status of tokens issued throug initial coin offerings (ICOs). Highly Anticipated...
Kinit is a messaging app that allows its users to earn cryptocurrency just by using the app. It is the first app developed by KiK, a messaging service which also launched its cryptocurrency called Kin in the fall of 2017. The messaging service is now announcing that it has launched...
The Kin Foundation on July 11, 2018, began accepting applications for the Kin Developer Program, which will pay up to 25 developers a total of $3 million to create and maintain independent "kin economies" during six months. Kin Developer Program: An Opportunity for Developers and Users The people who brought...
Kik’s CEO Ted Livingston does not believe that blockchain technology is for everyone. More to the point, the CEO appears pessimistic about the innovation underpinning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because he does not see the immense value it brings for many industries. Blockchain is only for Cryptocurrencies “Almost nobody should...
June 2, 2017 by at Business, Ethereum, Finance, News
Globally, chat continues to soar in popularity as a means of communication. Founded in 2009, Ontario, Canada based Kik Interactive, Inc., is one of many firms offering a connection to this world. The company is creator of Kik, a platform popular with U.S. teens where individuals can chat with friends...
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