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In a widely expected move, the District court of South Florida has dismissed Craig Wright's motion to seal his Bitcoin holdings and addresses, May 03, 2019. If Wright doesn’t comply, the court indistinctly said there are other ways to obtain this information, methods of which Kleiman's estate will be authorized...
April 27, 2019 by at Adoption, Blockchain, News
New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are increasingly being used in the law industry to make it more efficient and transparent, said Zhang Wen, president of Beijing Internet Court, at the China Intellectual Property Protection (CIPP) Forum 2019. Local media outlet Global Times reports April 26, 2019....
April 22, 2019 by at Cybersecurity, News, Regulation, Tech
In a move that is sure to be celebrated by those who value digital privacy, Utah has banned warrantless searches of electronic data. This now means that the state has the strongest digital privacy laws in the nation. As per a Forbes report, April 16, 2019. Historic Act There has...
Law firms Miller Thomson and Cox & Palmer have appointed a new committee to aid them in representing close to 115,000 customers of the now defunct Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. This according to a court notice published March 19, 2019. The Committee Will Represent the Users The QuadrigaCX fiasco has...
February 4, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Crime, News
New York law enforcement is cracking down on SIM swapping as a Manhattan District Attorney hands out an indictment to a 20-year old, this according to an official press release, Feb 1, 2019. Swapping Struggles Many who use cryptocurrency are familiar with the term ‘SIM Swapping’ and know to be...
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