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Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit  •  
February 20, 2019

# libertarianism News

The introduction of cryptocurrency sparked much excitement in the liberty-minded community. The freedom to conduct financial transactions without government or institutional interference is viewed as a leap towards a better autonomy for individuals. Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has taken off in countless directions for applications in...
What libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and proponents of the Austrian school of economics, all have in common is their love for free markets and disdain for state intervention. Many evangelists of these schools of thought have thus publicly praised decentralized digital currencies, such as bitcoin, as they provide individuals with personal financial...
Over 100 individuals have purchased plots of land in the "private city" of Liberstad, Southern Norway. The libertarian enclave announced the sale of land for bitcoin in August 2017. Arrangements have been made as of now with future inhabitants from Brazil, Sweden, and the UK, among different nations. Its organizers...
August 10, 2017 by at Bitcoin, News
A non-profit organization, Liberstad Drift AS, has launched a tax-free private city named Liberstad. Located in Tjelland, which is part of the Municipality of Marnardal in rural Norway, the city is based on Libertarian principles and highly encourages the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Liberstad Drift AS is composed...
July 18, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Interviews, News
Who is John Galt? And who is Jennifer Grossman? The former is the mythical hero featured in Ayn Rand’s perennial best-selling novel Atlas Shrugged. Then there is Grossman, CEO of the Atlas Society, a research and advocacy organization that "promotes Open Objectivism; the philosophy of reason, individualism, achievement, and freedom...
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