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# Lisk News

China publically issued the world's first government-issued blockchain and cryptocurrency ratings on May 17, 2018. The development is the first in a series of steps planned by Beijing to regulate the burgeoning digital asset class. Ethereum at Number One, Bitcoin at Number 13 According to a report on a website...
December 17, 2016 by at Altcoins, News
Lisk, the Berlin-based blockchain application platform that enables its users to build applications in JavaScript, has announced that it’s mainchain has been stabilized and governance model bolstered. This news marks a significant milestone in the company’s quest toward widespread adoption. With this development, delegates are now able to generate/forge blocks...
Every week, BTCManager provides an assessment of the technical factors that will drive trends in bitcoin and altcoins, with an emphasis on the largest cryptocurrencies and the best opportunities for traders in the week ahead. In summary, bitcoin is deciding on where to go next, ether is heading south and...
November 7, 2016 by at Altcoins, News, Tech
The Lisk project announced their new plan related to issuing block rewards to Lisk delegates. Project developers see this as a major milestone for the blockchain-based concept. This new change will go into effect before the end of 2016, although no specific date was announced yet. Elected delegates will receive...
October 17, 2016 by at Altcoins, Interviews, News, Tech
Founded in early 2016, Lisk is a decentralized blockchain platform with a robust set of features. Headquartered in Berlin, Lisk uniquely allows for the deployment, distribution, and monetization of blockchain applications, each connected to their own sidechains. This ensures the scalability and security of the entire Lisk network. It is...
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