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February 19-20, 2019

# litecoin News

February 8, 2019 by at Adoption, Altcoins, Blockchain, News
On February 7, 2019, The Litecoin Foundation announced that it was in cooperation with Beam to implement the MimbleWimble protocol for increased privacy. The announcement did not come as a complete surprise, as Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, had hinted at talks between the two teams earlier. While there...
February 6, 2019 by at Adoption, Altcoins, Business, Entertainment, News
Litecoin will be one of the sponsors of the Mammoth Film Festival held in California, this February, as announced by the Litecoin Foundation, February 5, 2019. Drawing a Mammoth Crowd Many Blockchain and crypto firms have made an effort to become more embedded in the public consciousness. One of the...
January 31, 2019 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, Development, News
According to a January 28, 2019 Tweet from Charlie Lee, Litecoin will be experiencing a soft fork this year that will bring privacy and fungibility to the coin. A Change is Coming Litecoin is set to become more fungible and private according to a January 28, 2019 tweet from Charlie...
In BTCManager’s series titled “Earn Crypto,” readers are being introduced to a wide range of platforms, applications, and ways that they can earn bitcoin and other digital currencies as a member of the cryptocurrency community. In this article, readers will be introduced to two platforms: Supload and File.Army. These two services enable users to...
It has been a hell of a year for bitcoin investors. Twelve months ago, we were coming off bitcoin’s all-time high of over $20,000. Today, the price of bitcoin is struggling to maintain the $4,000 mark after dropped by over 70 percent year-to-date. As expected, news flow has been muted...
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