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Smart contracts are central to the idea of creating decentralized communities where wealth and information can be exchanged under predefined terms without centralized intermediaries moderating the exchange. One type of smart contract that is gaining lots of attention is the Hashed TimeLock Contract (or HTLC). Hash locks are a type...
In what comes as a major impetus for cryptocurrency adoption, Switzerland’s largest online retail store, Digitec-Galaxus, now accepts major digital currencies such as bitcoin, ether, and XRP, among others as a means of payment. This came to light in a report by Watson published March 19, 2019. Crypto Adoption Continues...
In many ways, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) represent the Cane and Abel of cryptocurrencies.  Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin, being the father of crypto, birthed two sons: Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Ever since their inception, both cryptocurrencies have seen it as their destiny to claim the role of prodigal son...
GLORY Kickboxing has entered into a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation making LTC the official cryptocurrency of the professional sports league. This according to an article published on Glory Kickboxing, February 26, 2019, Litecoin to Jolt the Fighting Arena Litecoin looks primed to make its debut within the squared circle after...
February 8, 2019 by at Adoption, Altcoins, Blockchain, News
On February 7, 2019, The Litecoin Foundation announced that it was in cooperation with Beam to implement the MimbleWimble protocol for increased privacy. The announcement did not come as a complete surprise, as Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, had hinted at talks between the two teams earlier. While there...
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