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# Loom Network News

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by market capitalization, recently introduced Binance Research, a new division designed to provide institutional-grade research reports on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. According to Binance’s announcement published on November 9, 2018, the Binance Research analysis division will help boost transparency and improve the quality of...
To reduce the load on Ethereum’s blockchain, Loom Network has introduced Zombiechain, a sidechain geared toward decentralized applications (DApps). There have been instances in the past when the popularity of a decentralized application such as CryptoKitties has managed to slow down the entire network. The number of pending transactions on...
March 20, 2018 by at Entertainment, Ethereum, News, Tech
Loom Network says it has developed a next-generation Ethereum-based blockchain infrastructure that is faster, more stable and scalable to the point where it can support large social apps and games such as the World of Warcraft. Loom Network was founded by Matthew Campbell, Luke Zhang, and Duffy in 2017 and...
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