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# machine learning News

May 8, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Blockchain, News, Tech
There are many organizations and corporations that are eager to use blockchain to increase efficiency and transparency in their respective sectors. However, it appears as though there are a growing number of bots that are exploiting vulnerabilities in various cryptocurrency exchanges according to a Homeland Security News Wire article published...
At the Microsoft Build 2019 conference on May 6, 2019, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela explained how they are working with Starbucks to enhance the coffee giant’s services using technologies such as IoT, Machine learning and blockchain. Connecting Customers to Farmers First announced in 2018, Starbucks’ bean-to-cup program was supposed to...
December 10, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, News, Platform, Tech
The price of bitcoin dropped by over 15 percent versus last week’s close after it became clear that the crypto markets will have to wait longer for a potential Bitcoin ETF to be approved in the U.S. "Crypto Mom" Provides Insights Hester Peirce, a commissioner of the SEC often referred...
According to MIT Technology Review’s on December 4, 2018, security researchers have discovered a machine learning algorithm that can spot cryptocurrency pump-and-dump schemes in advance, which can help prevent and stop any pump-and-dump projects from developing further. The Anatomy Of a Pump-And-Dump Scheme While pump-and-dump schemes are common in conventional commodity...
Indiana video games and virtual economies University Professor Edward Castronova published a whitepaper in 2016 about the nature of video games and the future of work. While the gaming industry is one predominantly for leisure, Castranova argued that video games will have a significant impact on the future of work...
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