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Somerco Blockathon  •  
February 23-24, 2019

# MakerDao News

According to MakerDAO's report on February 7, 2019, Dai, a stablecoin that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, has recorded a 20 percent average monthly growth in its number of users based on the number of active addresses, funds transferred within a specific period, and use cases for the altcoin. Dai...
Wyre, the blockchain-based payment transfer company from San Francisco, has entered a new agreement with the developer of Dai to add the barely one-year-old stablecoin into its portfolio on August 14, 2018. Dependence on Speculative Cryptocurrencies Per the deal with MakerDAO, the firm that developed Dai, Wyre will roll out...
July 26, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Business, News
bZx and MakerDAO are announcing a partnership where they plan to bring their protocols together, to enable decentralized trading using smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain. While bZx is a decentralized margin lending protocol and liquidation oracle marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain, MakerDAO is the firm that developed the...
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