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Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit  •  
February 20, 2019

# mempool News

Coinbase is currently the biggest worldwide wallet platform and brokerage for cryptocurrencies with a platform valued at upwards of $1.6 billion. But, the firm has been under fire on a variety of different fronts as of late. Clearing the Mining Pool The latest reason for them coming under attack is...
March 9, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Blockchain, News, Tech
Bitcoin Core released version 0.14 of the reference client of Bitcoin. This release contains some significant improvements in the performance, especially when building a node. Also, it changes the mempool management, enables users to retrospectively increase the fee for a transaction and many more things. With the version number 0.14...
Bitcoin knocks at its capacity limits. After the Mempool did not empty at the weekend for the first time, the traffic jam on the Blockchain might become a permanent state. Full capacity already bears weird results, like that you can buy faster confirmations with credit cards. What can be done?...
February 10, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, News, Tech
Many things have been predicted to happen when Bitcoin reaches its capacity. Now, as it happens, the mempool becomes one of the most intriguing Bitcoin stats to observe. When Bitcoin blocks reach its size limit of 1MB, there is a prediction of doom and gloom. Most prominently Bitcoin developer Jeff...
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