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# Mike Hearn News

January 21, 2016 by at Business, Commentary, Finance, News
More than 30 of the world’s major multi-billion dollar banks have actively collaborated to create their own version of the blockchain network. The syndicate formed by the banks called the R3 consortium attempts to duplicate the technology of Bitcoin by developing a centralized blockchain-based financial system that could be used...
January 15, 2016 by at News, Price Analysis
Risk-off sentiment dominated in Friday’s Asian trading session, with safe havens such as the Japanese Yen, Gold and the Swiss Franc. Riskier currencies such as the Australian Dollar saw sharp declines and bearish momentum has continued in BTC-USD with the sub-$400 level now exposed. Selling pressure has also been influenced...
January 15, 2016 by at News, Tech
In a detailed, no-holds-barred blog post, long-time Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn announced his withdrawal from the Bitcoin project and revealed his concerns regarding the future of Bitcoin: “...despite knowing that Bitcoin could fail all along, the now inescapable conclusion that it has failed still saddens me greatly.” He lays out,...
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