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Somerco Blockathon  •  
February 23-24, 2019

# mt. gox News

February 9, 2019 by at News
Actor and cryptocurrency advocate Brock Pierce explained the goals and challenges facing 'Gox Rising', an initiative to return Mt.Gox victims their stolen investments in an interview with TechCrunch, February 7, 2019. What happened with Mt.Gox? In 2014, bitcoin was highly dependent on Mt. Gox as the exchange handled more than 70...
December 28, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Exchange, Finance, News, Regulation
Mark Karpelès, the former head of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, apologized for losses that bankrupted the company but insisted that he was innocent of charges of embezzlement during the closing arguments of his Tokyo trial, the South China Morning Post reported on December 27, 2018. Karpelès Maintains Innocence...
Japanese law authorities have proposed a ten-year prison sentence for the ousted founder of the now-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, reported local publication Mainichi on December 12, 2018. Mt.Gox in Shambles Once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, Mt.Gox quickly fell from its glory days after a series of hacks and failed...
September 25, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Business, Exchange, Finance, News
The trustee liquidating cryptocurrencies on behalf of the now-defunct exchange Mt. Gox has offloaded another 25.98 billion yen, or around $230 million, of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Bloomberg reported on September 25. The Tokyo Whale Mt. Gox's bankruptcy trustee, Japanese lawyer Nobuaki Kobayashi, better known as the “Tokyo Whale” in...
September 5, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, Exchange, News
The cryptosphere is agog with rumors about a bitcoin whale - someone controlling a significant amount of bitcoin - preparing to dump approximately $1 billion worth of bitcoin on the market. If it happens, such a move would almost certainly have a devastating effect on the price of bitcoin and...
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