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Blockchain Life 2019  •  

# music News

On January 16, 2019, Bitfury announced the launch of their new open source music platform called Bitfury Surround. It seeks to streamline the various processes of commercializing music as well as the sharing of revenue. From Mining to Music Bitfury, known in the blockchain world for their bitcoin mining-rig manufacturing,...
November 16, 2018 by at Press Releases
Music, movie and art industry, all of them have something in common – the protection of rights, developed sales and promotion channels. People support their favorite content creators by purchasing tickets, books, discs, actual pieces of art or by attending concerts. But how to reward bloggers that don't produce anything...
August 31, 2018 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, Finance, Investment, News
Qravity, a media production and distribution platform that offers decentralized creative teams royalties for making movies, video games, music, and other forms of premium digital entertainment, is pleased to announce the launch of its token presale. This stage of the Qravity ICO will take place from August 18 to 31,...
In a press release from August 21, 2018, announced its plan to launch the new JAM token using the Hedera Hashgraph public distributed ledger platform. A new Way to Stream Music According to the company's website, the token will be integrated with the platform to create, a...
With the advance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, futuristic economies may attempt to tokenize everything. Things like coffee, groceries, and even artists and musicians. That is correct, anybody could tokenize their ranges of abilities and get paid in crypto, or shockingly better, have their very own token. For the record, these...
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