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Blockchain Life 2019  •  

# MyEtherWallet News

March 22, 2019 by at Adoption, Development, News, Tech, wallet
Users of Sirin Labs’ Finney wallet will now be able to make use of MyEtherWallet as their interface as the two companies confirmed on March 21, 2019, that they have entered a partnership. Better than One In 2018, Sirin labs made history when they announced the Finney smartphone, which is...
February 24, 2019 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Business, Ethereum, Exchange, News
MyEtherWallet (MEW) now allows its customers to conduct trades of up to $5,000 without KYC protocols, as announced via a press release on February 20, 2019. New Rules One of the most talked-about issues in crypto is the issue of privacy. It is heavily debated in the context of privacy...
December 4, 2018 by at Blockchain, Development, Ethereum, News
Infura, MyCrypto, and MyEtherWallet partner to allow an extra layer of security by introducing verified transactions for Etherscan users. What Is EthValidate? The development of the Ethereum platform is moving ahead at full steam despite the drop in ETH price. Successive features are being developed to improve and turn the...
May 19, 2018 by at Ethereum, News, Tech
According to security research firm, RiskIQ, a criminal group has devised a phishing attack that uses Automated Transfer System (ATS) to empty MyEtherWallet (MEW) Ethereum wallets without detection. MEWKit Phishing Attack MEWKit is the name of the new phishing campaign that imitates the front end of the MyEtherWallet (an open...
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