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February 19-20, 2019

# Netki News

March 22, 2016 by at Business, Interviews, News, Tech
Netki is on a mission to demystify the cryptocurrency address landscape by migrating away from the omnipresent 32-character string like 19jA42FZLoogpSb9nQ5jryMNOPw3t to a more user-friendly name such as The goal? To create a tool that allows bitcoin users to send crypto to and from each other without having to copy...
March 9, 2016 by at Business, News, Tech
Coinsecure has added another user-friendly feature to its popular wallet: Netki's Wallet Name Service. Now customers can create personalized wallet names to use instead of a 32-character public wallet address. Twenty years ago, Netki's founder, Justin Newton, was among the early Internet pioneers who contributed to its infrastructure and helped...
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