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Electronics giant Samsung has filed for three blockchain-related trademark applications in the European Union on December 10, 2018. Some tech websites suggest these applications are related to the company’s plan to offer a cryptocurrency cold wallet on its phones. Details on the Trademark Applications The trademark applications are named "Blockchain KeyStore,"...
August 12, 2018 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, News, Tech
According to CNN, West Virginian soldiers residing overseas will become the first group in the US to test a blockchain-based voting smartphone application. The blockchain-based application should make it easier for overseas troops to participate in the upcoming November 2018 elections. A group of computer security experts has however expressed...
High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC), will soon enjoy the consulting services of Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, after the latter revealed on July 29, 2018, his involvement in HTC’s cryptocurrency-powered smartphone, called “Exodus.” The Exodus-Litecoin Connection Lee stated he would spearhead the development of Exodus, in HTC’s push to appeal to...
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