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# poker News

A gangster based out of Macau in China, Wan Kuok-koi “Broken Tooth,” raised $750 Million in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has partnered with an undisclosed Beijing-based firm to back chess and poker tournaments. The token called is called “HB,” and the ICO was launched in Cambodia with high-ranking military...
April 11, 2018 by at Press Releases
Pokerdom, one of the world’s largest online casinos, began accepting (TPLAY) utility tokens from - the universal blockchain-based platform for gambling projects. TPLAY - available for pre-sale starting on April 15 - is going to be accepted as payment by tens of TruePlay based online casinos, as part of company’s...
January 28, 2017 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Entertainment, News
Fancy gambling with cryptocurrencies! allows you to do just that with a provably fair chance of winning popular games such as Roulette and Poker. Your gambling experience will be transformed, with the site bringing the elements of blockchain technology making it impossible for the casino to cheat, what is...
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