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February 19-20, 2019

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September 20, 2018 by at Altcoins, Investment, News
Horizen is a privacy-oriented blockchain network for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions. The platform provides a secure framework which is designed to support a range of applications that prioritize privacy. Horizen is built on the core belief that individuals should have the right to control which information about them is...
The crypto asset investment universe has grown into a $330 billion asset class that is composed of a wide range of different digital currencies and tokens. The variety of digital assets is one of the most alluring factors of this new digital asset class. There is indeed something for everyone...
There are over 1,500 different cryptocurrency projects. However, there are only a few dozens that stand out. The Russian blockchain platform Waves is one of them. In this guide, you will be introduced to the Waves blockchain platform, and you will learn more about its cryptocurrency WAVES. The History In...
When making comparisons to bubbles, experts often compare the crypto boom to the “dot com” craze that somehow shaped the evolution of commerce on the internet. Now, the CEO of one cryptocurrency hedge fund that has emerged in the midst of the crypto boom has said that even if bitcoin...
Bitcoin had a super bullish ride which saw the bitcoin price touch $20K price region at the end of 2017. This trend triggered massive interest in the world’s flagship cryptocurrency from a host of institutional investors. However, Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd. has said bitcoin still has a long way to...
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