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Mallorca Blockchain Days  •  
March 22-24, 2019

# privacy News

In the first few years of Bitcoin’s existence, one of the features that attracted the most attention from early advocates was the ability to make private transactions. Bitcoin’s Privacy Woes In a financial system where banks, businesses and government authorities heavily monitor consumer purchases, the ability for one to vanish...
March 13, 2019 by at Blockchain, Guides, News, Tech
Privacy and scalability are two of the most prevailent topics in the blockchain industry. Bitcoin, the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto offers a decentralized, peer-to-peer, and transparent alternative to fiat currency. One of the major reasons why bitcoin is imbibed with these characteristics is because they are a polar opposite to...
A new report by Access to Cash Review predicts that the UK cash system is in danger of collapsing, but the country is not yet ready to go cashless. Cash Infrastructure in the Brink of Collapse According to The Guardian, a new report finds that British cash system is “on...
March 7, 2019 by at Blockchain, Business, News
Chainalysis is the latest firm to speak up about their usage of user data in a March 5, 2019 blog post, following similar response from Elliptical in the wake of Coinbase controversy. It All Started with an Interview On March 1, 2019, Christine Sandler, Coinbase’s Head of sales, sat down...
A group of academic researchers has unveiled a new first-of-its-kind protocol designed to provide confidentiality and anonymity to account-based smart contract platforms such as Ethereum. The Problem Creating systems where privacy is preserved for users has long been a foundational value in the cryptocurrency world. In the early days, it...
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