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February 19-20, 2019

# property News

While there have been quite many properties sold for bitcoin in recent times, this $44 million 16th century edifice located in the ancient city of Rome is on the verge of entering the history books as the first mansion to be auctioned in return of cryptocurrencies. Palazetto For Celebs and...
At a time when several countries of the world are busy slapping hefty and entirely unreasonable tax rates on bitcoin-related transactions, the French Council of State has drastically reduced the fees bitcoiners will pay to the government with effect from April 26, 2018. Movable Property According to Le Monde, French...
January 10, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Finance, News
A house directly next to the Green Bay Packers’ home ground is for sale, and the owner is looking to get no less than $1 million in bitcoin for it. Despite the asking price being almost four times what he paid for it in 2011, Chris Murphy is so positive...
December 8, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Finance, News
An idyllic 13-acre Caribbean retreat at Bloody Beach Bay on Union Island has gone up on the market and can only be purchased with 600 bitcoin. On December 6, the price for bitcoin reached $13,000, so the property could be worth as much as $7.8 million. Bitcoin’s value has risen...
November 15, 2017 by at ICO News
Tourism is getting bigger on a global scale, and it is absolutely a smart move to incorporate blockchain technology over the travel and hospitality industries. Crypto transactions exist across wide-ranging business sectors, and the fact that travel firms have adopted such as online payment, online booking, online reservation and internet...
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