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# RBI News

May 10, 2019 by at Exchange, News
Indian crypto market faces another strong blow as Coinome exchange announced that it will be shutting down business from May 15, Quartz reported May 10, 2019. Third Major Crypto Business to Fall to Unfavorable Regulations The recent bill introduced by the Indian government that proposes a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies...
The government of India has drafted a bill to completely ban cryptocurrencies and regulate official digital currencies, reports The Economic Times, April 26, 2019. Things Go from Bad to Worse Since its inception, the growth of the Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem has been continually stalled due to government and Reserve Bank...
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on April 18, 2019, published the terms of its fintech-focused regulatory sandbox. While the report highlights the importance of blockchain technology for various applications, it explicitly rejects all sorts of cryptocurrency-based businesses from being included in the sandbox. Blockchain is Cool; Crypto, Not So...
Coindelta, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced its decision to cease operations in the country, citing operational difficulties. The platform published a blog post on its Medium account at the end of March 2019, blaming the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ban on exchanges maintaining accounts with Indian commercial...
March 5, 2019 by at Blockchain, Business, News
An Indian consortium of food companies has entered into a partnership with tech giants to make the beverages and food supply-chain more transparent and safe. This according to a March 4, 2019, report by from the Financial Express. The Opaque Supply Chain Sector of India Blockchain technology continues to cover...
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