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# refugee News

One form or another of a global refugee crisis is a humanitarian problem that has existed throughout history. More important to note is the fact that it will persist as long as war exists. With rampant global conflicts, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, it is therefore not...
May 4, 2017 by at Blockchain, Ethereum, News, Tech
The United Nations (UN) is in the final stages of what could be one of the most groundbreaking blockchain projects ever, starting a project on May 1 to distribute funds in Jordan, a country which has taken the bulk of refugees from conflict zones in neighboring Iraq and Syria. The...
October 4, 2016 by at Business, News, Tech
AID:Tech, a startup company that uses blockchain technology, is tackling the intensifying refugee crisis in Europe through a transparent platform, which is guaranteed to help the poorest receive aid efficiently. For their creative innovation, AID:Tech have successfully progressed into the finals of the European Commission Social Innovation Competition as well...
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