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The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)  •  
March 20, 2019

# Slovenia News

Slovenia’s Ljubljana is reportedly on the path to become the world’s first Bitcoin city. Spread over 250,000 square meters, the metropolis is home to over 450 pending crypto-merchant establishments. At least, this is the view of the AI commerce platform Eligma who is in the process of testing its cryptocurrency...
While the emergence of bitcoin might not have the same historical pedigree as events like civil wars, national independence, or other landmark events, bitcoin and the blockchain has joined the ranks of things to have monuments constructed to commemorate them. Monuments have always been an integral part of the preservation...
September 27, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Finance, News
Hranilnica LON, a Slovenian savings bank better recognized as LON, will officially become the first regulated bank in the world to sell bitcoin directly from its existing ATMs. On September 25, during a corporate press conference which was livestreamed on various social media platforms, LON introduced its latest bitcoin service...
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