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Blockchain World 2030  •  

# solar energy News

One of the chinks in the armor of blockchain technology is its intensive energy consumption. However, a report by Harvard Business Review, published November 27, 2018, sheds light on some of the lesser, and even nil, energy-consuming alternatives that can pave the way for DLT to be the global disruptor...
August 27, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Business, Mining, News
As Bitcoin mining operations ramp up worldwide the electrical cost of mining is drawing the ire of municipalities and environmental groups alike. However, Soluna is looking to offset the carbon footprint of mining Bitcoin through its wind power plant in the Sahara Desert. Wind-Powered Mining Current estimates put bitcoin mining power...
October 18, 2016 by at Bitcoin, News, Tech
Over the past 12 months, the rate of solar energy conversion has grown at such a rapid rate that some countries like Chile have begun to distribute it for free. An increasing number of miners and bitcoin enthusiasts have expressed their concerns with regard to the potential drop in marginal...
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