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While cryptocurrencies witness breakthroughs with each passing day, some of the challenges being faced by the underlying blockchain technology cannot be overlooked. One such major obstacle is the issue of scalability. The lack of scalability in the major crypto blockchains, i.e., Bitcoin and Ethereum vastly limit the maximum number of...
To date, storing cryptocurrencies securely remains a significant concern for bitcoin enthusiasts. To address this challenge once and for all, Carverr has created a hack-proof way for digital assets investors to store their DLT-based virtual currency wallet passwords or private keys in a microtube of DNA, as first reported by CNET...
While cryptocurrency traders around the world debate over the best hardware coin-storage wallets, the world’s elite-class choose military-grade cold vaults to protect their digital assets. Compared to a wallet the size of a pen-drive, these cold-vaults are located in caves in mountainous locations, protected by iron gates, reinforced concrete, and...
August 7, 2016 by at Bitcoin, News
The recently discovered vulnerability of the Bitfinex trading platform encouraged users to question the security measures of the multi-signature technology and companies offering such protection to exchanges. While BitGo and other exchanges including Bitstamp reassured users of their multi-signature protected platforms, bitcoin experts reinstated that regardless of the add-on security...
August 5, 2016 by at Bitcoin, News, Tech
Kim Dotcom announced today that the re-launch of Megaupload, slated for 20th January 2017, will be accompanied by a feature known as ‘BitCache’. This feature will link Bitcoin micropayments to transfers on Megaupload, possibly rewarding user’s whose uploads are frequently downloaded with the cryptocurrency. While it is not totally clear...
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