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Blockchain Life 2019  •  

# Tezos News

Coinbase Custody, an independent crypto custodial service from the stables of Coinbase exchange, has announced that institutional investors on its platform can now stake their Tezos (XTZ) and earn passive income. The firm is also looking to launch MakerDAO governance support in Q2 of this year, according to a Medium...
Elevated Returns (ER ), an asset management company has announced its partnership with Securitize, a digital securities issuance company, to offer investors compliant tokenized real estate assets worth $1 billion using the Tezos blockchain, reports PR Newswire on February 11, 2019. Tokenizing Real Estate via Blockchain Technology Per the report,...
February 8, 2019 by at News
On February 4, 2019, Tezos announced Marigold, a layer-2 scaling solution for the Tezos coin. The project aims to ensure that more developers have an easier experience with the Tezos platform. Compromise There is a constant balancing act with regards to various blockchain networks. For example, there are some coins...
Another Skynet is launching now promising a revolution. On September 26, Skynet World announced their project through a sponsored post on CCN and igniting controversy over their name. The last time a project with the Skynet name launched, they raised $11 million for a project that runs on the Ethereum...
Tezos has announced that at long last, the long-awaited launch of its main network is at hand following the conclusion of a beta testing period. Accordingly, after a period of beta testing that lasted for months, the network which once set a record for the highest grossing ICO ever is...
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