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February 19-20, 2019

# Twitter News

For the modern content creator, tapping multiple revenue streams through platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Patreon are seen as an essential practice in a largely saturated, competitive, and insecure market. That said, content creators, or providers for that matter, may say or do something disagreeable that can result in...
February 7, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Business, Entertainment, News
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed he only owns bitcoin in a tweet posted on February 5, 2018, which occurred when he was prompted by a follower to list all cryptocurrencies he holds. Following the answer, an interesting discussion on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies was sparked. The Thread A follower posted a...
Coinbase has just banned merchant account and the personal account of Andrew Torba, the Gab platform CEO. With this move, the popular exchange is raising the topic of censorship in the cryptocurrency industry. Today, the ever-growing power of centralized exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry is becoming more of a...
According to a tweet by lawyer Jake Chervinsky, the U.S. SEC’s decision on the previously rejected nine Bitcoin ETFs would not be made until December. Notably, media person Ran NeuNer falsely tweeted on November 2, 2018, that the SEC would likely take a call on the Bitcoin ETFs by November...
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are criticizing Bitly, the URL shortening company, for restricting access to cryptocurrency websites after Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of several well-known guides to Bitcoin, voiced the issue on Twitter. According to Antonopoulos’ tweet, published on November 3, 2018, the author was confused as to why the company had...
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