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Mallorca Blockchain Days  •  
March 22-24, 2019

# UK News

A new report by Access to Cash Review predicts that the UK cash system is in danger of collapsing, but the country is not yet ready to go cashless. Cash Infrastructure in the Brink of Collapse According to The Guardian, a new report finds that British cash system is “on...
February 8, 2019 by at Adoption, Blockchain, News, Regulation
The Isle of Man has unveiled two initiatives that give significant focus to blockchain technology as part of the island’s "Digital Isle of Man" project, namely the establishment of a Blockchain Office and Blockchain Sandbox, this according to an article published February 5, 2019. Contender Situated between Great Britain and...
February 7, 2019 by at Crime, News, Regulation
The FCA has announced that the amount lost to scams in 2018 reached $255 million in 2018 and urged investors to beware before they spend money on investors, as per a February 6, 2019 press release. Conning Crypto  Scams are nothing new, however the sheer amount of money lost to...
February 7, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Business, Finance
On February 5, Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it was extending support for PayPal withdrawals to all their customers in the European Union as well as European Free Trade Association countries. The latter would include countries such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. PayPal Withdrawals in the UK The news...
January 26, 2019 by at Business, News, Tech
British Standards Institution (BSI) has entered into a strategic partnership with blockchain startup OriginTrail to deploy distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the field of supply chain management to create greater visibility and trust, reports SupplyChain on January 25, 2019. Disrupting Supply Chain One Channel at a Time Supply chain management...
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