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The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)  •  
March 20, 2019

# verification News

May 19, 2018 by at Blockchain, Business, News, Tech
Concerns over data privacy have risen over the past few years, with Facebook’s recent data breach scandal only confirming the grave expanse of the problem. As proved, social networks have become an indispensable part of the average person’s routine, regardless of the vast amounts of data the companies collect. An...
November 1, 2016 by at Business, News, Tech
Blockchain technology has many different use cases, all of which can transform our daily lives. India-based uTrade Solutions has launched a new Know-Your-Customer platform, which is driven by distributed ledger technology. Under the name KYChain, this new solution will be made available through a web portal and a mobile version....
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