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# VR News

Cardano’s creator IOHK will soon be rolling out a virtual reality (VR) based educational tool aimed at introducing blockchain technology to students. With the help of VR, learners will be able to experience blockchain technology in a rather novel way. The announcement was made by IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson. Cardano...
February 16, 2018 by at ICO News
Cappasity, a company that brings an outstanding in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive and photorealistic 3D images and develops the first decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange, has launched its platform in China. Kosta Popov, CEO of Cappasity, had a discussion with BTC manager about the prospects...
September 11, 2017 by at ICO News
The Deep is a decentralized, immersive world that is part social platform, part game. With an upcoming ICO, this virtual world will be based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) tokens. These tokens correspond to ownership of virtual land in the space known as ‘The Deep.’ ‘The Deep’ wants to...
August 31, 2017 by at ICO News
Cappasity’s is the first to leverage a blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. The company hopes to “make 3D digitizing as easy as photography.” With the blockchain providing decentralized and trustless copyright, storage, and content exchange, artists creating 3D imagery can monetize their content and share it...
Voxelus’ CEO Martin Repetto announced December 1 that the Virtual Reality (VR) content platform would be offering an equity stake in the company in exchange for their Voxel token, the first such conversion of equity to a company's own currency. The Voxel token is a cryptocurrency that has been established...
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