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Somerco Blockathon  •  
February 23-24, 2019

# Zcoin News

If you are an avid participator in social media discourse in the crypto sphere, it is likely you have encountered the #masternodemebro hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag began gaining traction since July and had brought attention to masternodes and the role they play in the cryptocurrency space. In this guide,...
June 3, 2018 by at Altcoins, News, Tech
On May 30 the Zcoin team announced it was introducing a working version of the Merkle Tree Proof (MTP) algorithm to help prevent miners using ASIC equipment to mine the coin. With this move, the team wants to reassure its community that there are they are also much concerned with...
February 23, 2017 by at Altcoins, News, Tech
On Friday, February 17, the community manager of the cryptocurrency Zcoin (XZC), Reuben Yap, announced in a blog post the discovery of a bug in the anonymous altcoin’s coding that allowed a hacker to get away with over $400,000 worth of cryptocurrency. According to Zcoin’s statement, “a typographical error on...
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