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Getting the most out of your Bitcoin as market corrections loom

Press Release

The Easiest Ways to Get Bitcoin and What to Use It For

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 13, 2021 Press Releases
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Everyone knows something about Bitcoin by now. It is the most popular and most valuable cryptocurrency out there. It can be bought online and be used in several different places, both online and offline. Bitcoin is strictly a digital asset, like all cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin wallets have made it accessible to use bitcoins in your everyday life. 

The value of Bitcoin is highly fluctuant and is constantly changing. Crypto currencies’ value is determined by supply and demand, like all other currencies. However, there is no national bank or financial institutes that regulates its value further, hence the large ups and downs. This is also why many people are so interested in bitcoin and have earned a lot from it. But it is important to keep in mind that Bitcoins can be very risky to buy and potentially make you lose a lot of money.  

The world’s most expensive pizza

When it comes to using Bitcoin as a payment method, there is one story that many people have heard and laugh about today. Laszlo Hanyecz is known for being the first person to use Bitcoin as a commercial payment method and in 2010 he wanted to buy some pizzas. He decided to use 10,000 BTC for this, which at the time was not worth much. Had he spent this money today, would he have paid $45 million for his dinner.

Bitcoin entertainment 

While some people are trading Bitcoin to earn money as a main income, most do it to take part in the trend and as a form of risky entertainment. This is also why most investors like to trade it around, instead of using it. The story about Hanyecz’s pizza day is now told as a joke and should not scare you. Bitcoin was created to get used and will provide you with a faster and more secure payment method. Most people use it online, and in America, it is popular to use it for paying for online entertainment like online casinos. It secures your anonymity and heightens your security because of blockchain technology. That’s one of the reasons Bitcoins is great to use if you like to gamble on online casinos

Many American online casinos are now approving Bitcoin as a secure payment method. Another electronic and online entertainment such as E-sport is getting more and more relevant within the world of cryptocurrencies. Esports and Bitcoin have a relevant linking, as they are both a new and technological option to an otherwise physical thing. 

Buy bitcoins here

There are many ways to buy Bitcoin. In some countries there are even physical Bitcoin ATMs where you can buy and sell the cryptocurrency. However, most people are buying, trading, and selling it online, since this is the most accessible and perhaps the easiest way to do it. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges online and most of these offer Bitcoin as it is the most popular one. To get started, simply create a profile and input the required deposit. From here, you search up the cryptocurrency you would like to buy and choose how many you want. Accept the transaction and now you own Bitcoin, it’s as easy as that. 

As mentioned earlier, the value of cryptocurrencies is highly fluctuant, and we have witnessed enormous ups and downs over the years. Laszlo Hanyecz is probably the one man that is most aware of this, but this is also what makes the world of crypto so exciting. 

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