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The Rise of Dash and Securing Bitcoin: BTCMANAGER’s Week in Review for August 15

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on August 15, 2016 News Digest

Compiled from contributions by Joseph Young, JP Buntix, Nigel Dollentas, Jamie Holmes and Michael Scott.

Decentralized Exchange Bitsquare Adds Mycelium Tokens & Fiat Pairs

Cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsquare, added fifteen new altcoins and trading pairs including Mycelium tokens in its v0.4.9.3 update, which featured significant improvement in trade limits and user-focused functionalities.  The new Bitsquare update allows users to trade bitcoin to fiat currencies with well-established security measures and robust software. Bitsquare plans to add even more cryptocurrencies and app coins in future updates.


Carrying The Load: Will Blockfreight™ Revolutionize the World of Shipping?

BTCMANAGER sat down for an interview with Blockfreight™[BFT:XCP]’s CEO, Julian Smith this week. Smith explains that “Blockfreight™ [BFT:XCP] is a blockchain for global freight.” He believes that with blockchain’s state-of-the-art applications the time has come for a new digital security, trust, authentication, record keeping and chain of custody data model to drive the movement of global freight.


Dark Pools for Bitcoin Liquidity Are A Big Deal

TradeZero and Bitcoin pioneer Jered Kenna will see the world’s first Bitcoin dark pool being established. Once this dark pool launches, there will be a strong focus on whether or not the platform is secure. Platforms such as exchanges and dark pools need to make sure users are transferring their funds on their own accord, rather than having someone trying to empty their accounts.


Zcash Generates Excitement in Crypto Community

Zcash has been described as “an implementation of the Zerocash cryptographic protocol operating over a blockchain provided by a fork of the Bitcoin source code.” Due to the desire from many users for increased privacy, Zcash is increasingly seen as one of the most viable solutions thanks to its Bitcoin-based source code as well as its easy accessibility to be implemented as a sidechain and other factors. However,  Zcash still has some potential concerns to be taken into consideration.


Jaxx Wallet Set to Integrate DASH This Week

CEO of Jaxx, one of the most innovative blockchain wallets available, Anthony Di Iorio, revealed that the cryptocurrency Dash will be incorporated into their multi-asset wallets. He explains in an interview why Dash is the next installment of cryptocurrency into Jaxx and what other cryptocurrencies may come after, such as Monero and Lisk. DASH has posted fresh highs against bitcoin in response and amidst increased demand for the cryptocurrency.

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