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The TEAMZ “Exploring the Gate of the Future” themed blockchain summit officially ended successfully during the Tokyo Blockchain Summit week.

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on October 11, 2018 Press Releases

On September 30, 2018 the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit hosted by TEAMZ along with gold star sponsors Terrada Warehouse and Nevula wrapped up successfully during the Tokyo Blockchain Summit Week co-hosted by KEX. During the week-long meeting, prominent blockchain investors, scholars, experts, media and top projects from all over the world gathered together in Tokyo. With Terrada Warehouse’s creative and technological meeting sessions, experts around the world summarized the target Japanese-based markets when it comes to blockchain development. Furthermore, prominent investors and experts also discussed challenges and opportunities in the blockchain industry and also the future direction of blockchain enterprises. The summit welcomed 32 top quality projects from 12 countries that participated in the summit presentation, themed speeches, round-table discussion panels, investor meet-ups, red carpet event, and many other activities. The unprecedented summit attracted 2500 participants and 400 guests at the red carpet gala event. The summit invited the founding partner of Crypto Research, Eikiko Wada to host the event, who launched the official start of the summit along with the founder and CEO of TEAMZ Yang, Tianyu.

The most interesting and innovative Speeches

The founder of Ethereum along with IOHK founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson gave innovative keynote speeches on the theme of “The Arc of History”. CEO of Roger Ver, presented a video speech on “How Digital Currency Will Change the World”. Also, gold star sponsor CEO of Nevula, Masashi Shimizu analyzed the topic of “ Online and Offline Blockchain Gaming Platforms. At the same time, Terrada Warehouse also introduced a “Mini Warehouse” concept that provides convenient services for enterprise storage space.

Passionate Round-Table Discussion Sessions

In the morning, the summit gathered Japan’s most prominent Blockchain experts to engage in round-table discussion sessions. Under the leadership of the CoinOtaku CEO: Ito Kenji (first from left), experts engaged in a heated discussion on the future challenges and unique opportunities of the Japanese market in terms of policies, law, technology, and industry regulations. The CFO of Quoine(second from left ): one of the 16 listed exchange platforms; Legal Council of Bitflyer: Saito So (third from left), Director of Okwave: Matsuda Gen (third from right), Foreign Legal Affairs Lawyer: Chen Yifan(second from right), and Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Engineering at Kindai University: Moriyama Shinji (first from right) attended the round-table discussion sessions.

At noon, the round-table discussion was hosted by the founder of Zpop CTO: Teruya Mori(left 1), who started a heated discussion on the aspects of market promotion, fund scheduling, and community building in relation to developing blockchain projects in different markets around the world. Guest participants of the round-table discussion:  Singapore investor, Soarlabs founder, ANCompass consultant: Seth Lim (second from left), and Silicon Valley investor Thomas Varghese (first from right). 

In the afternoon, CryptoTimes CEO: Shingo Arai (first from left) hosted the heated round-table discussion where experts analyzed the topic of the Chinese blockchain market and the opportunity of the world blockchain market from the perspective of China’s blockchain investors. Guest participants of the round-table discussion: Jinse co-founder: An Xinxin (second from left); CEO of the KEX Corporation:  Yin Xiaogang (second from right); BICA blockchain fund partner: Rose Sun (first from right).

Towards the end of the Summit, COO of Coinjinja:  Numazaki Yu (first from left) hosted the round-table discussion with the future of blockchain as the main theme. Guests included CEO of AnyPay: Yuko Ono( second from left)); Founding partner of SparkLabs Group: Bernard Moon (second from left), and founder of True Global Ventures: Dusan Stojanovic (second from right) who all participated in the discussion and successfully marked an ending to the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit.

Red Carpet Gala: Light Up the Future

On the evening of 29th, TEAMZ Blockchain Summit not only gathered the most prominent and world renowned experts in the blockchain field, but also many Japanese CEOs and investors at the fancy Terrada Warehouse Pier: B&C Hall. The red carpet gala was hosted by the COO and founder of TEAMZ: Deng Yanying, with opening remarks by gold star sponsor, CEO of Nevula: Masashi Shimizu. Along with welcoming remarks by the founder and CEO of Dorogubua: Yutaku Nita, the red carpet gala kicked off on a gorgeous night with a warm and exciting atmosphere. The famous investor Jeffrey Wernick once again gave an innovative speech on the future of blockchain. Furthermore, the advisor of Ancompass: Swee Slong Lee focused on the theme of Southeast Asia and introduced blockchain market opportunities in Southeast Asia to the guests. During the red carpet gala, TEAMZ signed an agreement with Malaysia’s largest roadshow platform Legnacap to kick start the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit Kuala Lumpur in January of 2019. At the same time, TEAMZ also signed a VC cooperation agreement with Singapore VC, Airlevate to officially launch TEAMZ fund in Singapore.

This year’s TEAMZ blockchain summit is one of the largest events in Japan in the second half of the year, covering wide range of countries and the most attendance number of prominent experts.  After the summit, many participating companies continued to connect with each other, which solidified a cross-border cooperation that helped many companies to lay a solid foundation for its growth in Japan and many other countries. The next TEAMZ blockchain summit will be held in Kuala Lumpur in January 2019, and in Tokyo on March 29th and 30th. Please pay attention to the details at

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