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Tkeycoin Plans To Restore ‘The Lost Bitcoin Dream’

Tkeycoin Plans To Restore ‘The Lost Bitcoin Dream’

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on May 10, 2018 ICO/IEO
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The Tkeycoin ICO aims at introducing a universal token that carries the ethos of cryptocurrency and maintains it as an explicitly social, egalitarian input into global life.

Bemoaning the public resistance to cryptocurrencies, as well as their hijacking by profit-seeking traders, Tkeycoin seeks to become the one token that enables all aspects of human endeavor, including tying existing cryptocurrencies into a strictly decentralized, fair and democratic ecosystem on the back of the token.

Source: Tkeycoin

Frequently referring to the Tkeycoin Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the developers are hoping to source funding from willing investors who share the same vision.

Developed as an egalitarian platform, it’s token will act as a mechanism for hiring services and buying goods, trading knowledge or anything else for that matter, while also giving rise to, the society first imagined by many when Bitcoin was launched in 2009.

The company points to research that indicates both an unwillingness by the general public to adopt digital currencies as well as the fragmentation of the cryptosphere. It is precisely this splintering into myriad tokens, objectives, and outcomes that the developers maintain is a terminal trend for cryptocurrencies and one they aim to curtail at this early stage.

Ultimately built to eliminate fracturing inputs from investment or mining cabals, governments, and any other supposed self-serving interests, the platform seeks a return to that which was briefly glimpsed at the dawn of cryptocurrency. Talking of an international marketplace, buyer and seller ratings and freelance exchange, the aims of the company are global and technically enabled in their blockchain construct.

What Issues will the Tkeycoin Solve?

In the global economy, inefficiencies and gross inequalities exist. Every individual and nation-state is impacted by a myriad of taxing realities in the conduct of commerce and life itself. Often, any concept of a new economic dispensation remains mired in the known paradigm of current business as usual, unable to truly sweep clean due to vested interests and the daily grind of commerce.

According to research conducted by the company, four fundamental obstacles inhibit the majority of cryptocurrencies from having a significant impact. These are scalability, narrow application, hard usage and the absence of a corporate market.

These four major points, in the eyes of Tkeycoin, form the basis of the reason why cryptocurrencies are not a significant threat to the existing fiat currency system. The company aims to bridge this gap by bringing the market to the masses, a new twist on the traditional approach of bringing the masses to the market.

Through greater accessibility, cryptocurrency’s ease of use is amplified, and its economic reach is extended. Consequently, users spanning the globe will enjoy the benefits of a decentralized, quick and low-cost payment system that is simple to use and available to everyone.

The Tkeycoin Solution

The innately egalitarian power of blockchain is encapsulated within the Tkeycoin utility token. A process of debugging of the ecosystem is anticipated that will involve eliminating behavior or employment of the technology outside of what is deemed appropriate to enable the democratic and fluid nature of the blockchain.

The company seeks to address social inequalities by issuing what it hopes will become a universal token enabling working, sharing and living communally.  

Tkeycoin employs its own blockchain protocol to bring cryptocurrency to millions of previously underserved users, using an advanced bandwidth capable of supporting 500,000 transactions per second.

As well as enabling worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges, Tkeycoin promotes a fair shopping policy in which a verification protocol accurately records vendor rating data. All operations and transactions which take place on the Tkeycoin DAO are verified by smart contracts, which in turn dispel fraudulent transactions from the network.

Tkeycoin assists both freelancers and businesses, providing an internal job network for the former and seamless low-cost payment services for the latter.

Startup companies can utilize the TBP protocol to conduct token sales as a means of crowdfunding to raise capital for new ventures. Further to that, the Tkeycoin wallet provides secure and easily accessible funds storage, for convenient exchange or spending.

The developers will mint and release 105 million TCD (the token symbol). The ICO is live, and any user with 3,000 TCD or more in their wallet can also mine the network. Frequently refuting its status as a token, the developers insist that TCD is a coin on its own blockchain, a subtlety not made perfectly clear in the available information. TCD can be purchased with ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, RUR, EUR and USD. 1 TCD = 1 USD and each year 30 million new coins will be issued.

Funds Distribution, Source: Tkeycoin

The Tkeycoin Team

There are various tweaks and nuances to the security protocols at play in the Tkeycoin blockchain, and the white paper is highly technical. Overall, the developers have articulated a massively detailed and elegant offering.

The team consists of Russian Physicists, Mathematicians, Engineers, and Dreamers.


The Tkeycoin ICO is ambitious in its reach, well thought out and very technically detailed.

Although leading to improved UX and a host of other benefits, it is not clear exactly how huge the idea could be, especially as individual cryptocurrencies are already entrenched and industry players are bending blockchain to their own unique needs.


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