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TrafficJunky Follows Pornhub Move to Accept Privacy-Centric Cryptocurrency Verge as Payment Option

TrafficJunky Follows Pornhub Move to Accept Privacy-Centric Cryptocurrency Verge as Payment Option

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on May 8, 2018 Altcoins, Blockchain, Business, News, Tech
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Online advertising platform TrafficJunky announced that it would begin accepting Verge as a payment option from May 7, 2018. The announcement comes close on the heels of a similar move by adult entertainment giant Pornhub some weeks earlier. TrafficJunky is an online advertising network that websites can utilize to gain more users or increase views on their webpage.

Privacy Coins as Popular Payment Options

Users that pay for services at adult entertainment sites are naturally concerned about their privacy. As such, Pornhub’s announcement to accept Verge cryptocurrency enables its users to pay for services more confidentially. The decision was aimed at users that are hesitant of the payment being reflected in their credit card statements.

Following suit, TrafficJunky users will also soon be able to pay for all platform services, including booking advertisement slots, using the privacy-centric cryptocurrency. This will enable advertisers to do away with the tedium of using online payment gateways as virtual currency payments are real-time and instant regardless of geographic location.

TrafficJunky’s announcement came in the form of a blog post that said: “As verified advertisers, you’ll be able to fund your TJ account using Verge and tap into over four billion daily impressions to use towards your campaigns.”

Rabih Boulmona, TrafficJunky’s Product and Operations Manager said, “Pornhub announced they’d be accepting Verge a little over two weeks ago and it was only a matter of time before we followed suit.”

Why Verge Is Gaining Popularity?

It was initially believed that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were mostly private, with there being no way to reveal the true identity of a wallet owner. After all, despite the ledger being public, only cryptographic account data is revealed. For a while, this notion allowed bitcoin to be the de facto payment option of several privacy-sensitive industries.

However, blockchain analysis services such as Chainalysis recently made it partially possible to uncover the original identity of an individual involved in any bitcoin transaction.

Verge founder Justin Vendetta saw this as an opportunity and launched a new privacy-focused cryptocurrency in 2014. Speaking about Verge’s privacy features, he told CNBC, “Most blockchain based projects will expose any user’s actual physical location across the network which makes it easier for people to find them. But, at Verge, they use user’s IP obfuscation, so the actual physical location of any customer is never exposed.”

He further added that the development team would also enable users to activate stealth addressing for their account addresses. The feature will make it impossible for other users to follow the transaction trail from a particular account to another account.

Justin had been running a cryptocurrency mining pool until 2013 when he noticed that new digital currencies were being launched but none of them were doing anything to improve user privacy.

Other notable privacy cryptocurrencies include Monero, Dash, Zcash, and a handful of others. At press time Verge is trading at $0.072836.

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