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Transparency in Gambling: The Liger Token

Transparency in Gambling: The Liger Token

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on April 27, 2018 ICO/IEO
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In the interim since the ongoing popularization of cryptocurrencies, there has been a large market for using the coins for gambling online. This has allowed people from all over the globe to participate within the same casinos, wherein with standard fiat gambling more regulations cause problems for anyone wishing to join in on a betting pool from another country. This market has grown quite rapidly, from casinos to sports betting.

However, breaking into the offline casino market is an entirely different beast. Liger is attempting to get into a market that is nearly untouched by cryptocurrencies, and at the same time improve the current status quo that exists within the casino for the betterment of both the gamer and the house.

What is Liger Exactly?

Liger is an attempt to advance the operations of casinos, both online and offline, into a global ecosystem. By using their platform and decentralized currency, a huge swath of new opportunities and customers can be targeted by the casino.

Liger is basing itself on the Ethereum blockchain, using the standard ERC20 Token interface. This means a completely transparent system via smart contracts and limitless expedient transactions that put nearly any fiat systems to shame.

Simply put, Liger is trying to move the over-encumbered and bulky gambling systems of today into a more open and quicker platform that will connect players globally to any casino using Liger.

What is Liger Fixing?

Like most cryptocurrency based startups one of the bigger benefits of switching to a decentralized system such as this is the trust given to the consumer, in this case, gamer, that a transparent platform brings.

By operating on a crypto-platform with smart contracts, all users of the platform can be guaranteed what the real odds on any bet are. There can be no doubt on the part of the gamer if the house is trying to pull one over on them or not. Trustworthiness such as this is nearly a guarantee that more players will be interested in casinos operating with the Liger system.

Furthermore, by moving away from fiat currencies, the casino will be afforded quick and cheap transactions tailored specifically for this type of use. Current PoS systems are highly expensive to make transfers on. Liger’s currency will attempt to plug up this leak in what should be as close to a closed system as possible between the gamer and the casino. This means more money for both parties.

Players from around the world could, potentially, place live bets at casinos in Vegas for example with this system as there is no longer the burden of fiat currencies stopping their transfers. This is a massive market that is hard for any business looking to optimize their revenue to say no to.

Even cooler, users of the platform will actually be able to gamble the odds on either the house or the player within the Liger App, along with quite a few other interesting features. They will also be leading the way by purchasing their own offline casinos, as both a proof of concept and as a way to attract more players and businesses into the ecosystem.

Liger is offering much more than this in their comprehensive platform, available to read about here. It’s definitely an interesting concept that is, in one form or another, going to be the way of the future for casinos.

Will Liger be the company to take on the titan that is the gambling market and advance cryptocurrencies even further? It’s hard to say at this point, but they definitely seem to be leading the pack at this moment. Liger is very much worth keeping an eye on. Check it out; the ICO begins on June 17, 2018, and will last until August 1, 2018, with the pre-ICO ongoing.


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