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Trezor Phishing Crypto Wallet Flies Swatted

Phishing Scammers: Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Action

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 15, 2019 Business, News, Tech, wallet
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Trezor, a hardware wallet for storing a vast array of digital assets including bitcoin (BTC) and litecoin (LTC) has released an official statement concerning the recent phishing attacks on its electronic shops, products, as well as websites of its affiliated partners,  according to a Medium blog post on February 13, 2019.

Google Crypto Ban gave Fraudsters Room to Operate

Trezor has made an official announcement concerning an unidentified culprit that has been using malicious websites to impersonate its electronic shops, products, and resellers’ sites.

The company behind the hardware wallet outlined that certain rogue actors had taken advantage of the blanket ban of all crypto-related ads by Google to wreak havoc on its users since March 2018.

While such a ban aimed to prevent crypto thieves and scam initial coin offerings (ICOs) from promoting their content on the search engine, it also affected legitimate websites. The same is applicable to Trezor who was unable to run paid marketing campaigns.

However, despite the ban, cyberpunks were still able to run advertisements and this helped to boost their rankings on Google search engine result pages. It also made several people susceptible to the attack.

Multiple Futile Attempts

According to the company, they contacted Google several times, informing them about the fake phishing sites posing as Trezor, but it took the search engine giant failed to respond promptly.

However, Trezor says it has finally won the battle against the fraudsters trying to tarnish its image and has now assured its customers that it is working closely with the Google Abuse Team and social media platforms to ensure that such ugly scenarios do not occur in future.

Trezor Advises Users

In spite of these preventive measures, users of the hardware wallet have been cautioned not to give anyone their seed phrase even if it is demanded by the company itself. They are also to make purchases only from the company’s official website and its verified resellers.

Importantly, Trezor has made it clear that its staff have all been trained to operate in compliance with the highest privacy and security standards. The Trezor team stated:

“Trezor is prepared to defend its good reputation as the most trusted hardware wallet manufacturer, and we are considering legal action against the unknown culprit,”

Despite the gloomy market conditions, crypto-related crime has been on the rise. In December 2018, BTCManager informed that that hackers have found a vulnerability on the Trezor wallet that made it entirely susceptible hacks.

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