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On the Verge of Revolution in the World of Intellectual Games

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 11, 2017 Press Releases

According to statistics, 97 percent of players are not able to monetize their winnings and achievements, so to say, convert them into fiat money. Those who make attempts often face fraud, loss of earnings and virtual achievements (for example, as a result of account blocking).

So it was before. But the global changes are coming. A decentralized gaming PvP platform IQeon is going to become the revolution in the field of intellectual online games. Revolutionism lies in the ability to monetize gaming achievements legally. That’s why game developers are looking forward to the release of the platform and tokens presale, which, by the way, will start very soon — on December 15.

What is the Use of the Platform for Developers?

Decentralized gaming PvP platform IQeon has the following advantages:

  • Conversion of IQeon tokens (namely, players will compete for them) in fiat money, as well as the ability to spend money earned in one game on any needs in another game. All this will give developers a growth of audience.
  • Thanks to the availability of APIs and the ability to integrate products into the IQeon ecosystem, competitions with automatic payouts will be possible, as well as bets between players from which developers can get additional revenue.
  • Reliable and legal platform ensures the security of all transactions for both developers and players. Users will be able to exchange IQN for other cryptocurrencies, transfer them to a bank card, etc.
  • Ability to monetize the development and output fees with small commissions. Developers will be able to use the application designer to minimize the labor costs for creating new products, and also exchange IQN tokens for fiat money with a commission of not more than 10 percent.

The IQeon platform was created by a team of professionals, each of whom successfully implemented many projects in his life. The platform has a powerful technological base and is focused on intelligent games, the most popular type of games (by the amount of time spent) among Internet users around the world. The launch of IQeon will put an end to the reproaches towards gamers regarding the balance of their intelligence and wealth: the clever one will also become rich, continuing to enjoy his favorite pastime.

We want to remind you that the pre-sale of IQeon tokens will start on December 15 and will last until December 24. At this time, you can buy tokens on the most favorable terms with the maximum possible discount. During the ICO, the price of the token will increase significantly.

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