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Press Release Platform Overview: Equipped for Industry-Leading Verification and Investigation

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on September 26, 2018 Press Releases
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The newly emerging blockchain space currently suffers from a variety of hurdles relating mainly to the challenges and complications of regulatory compliance; in an industry as rapidly expanding and dynamic as blockchain, these are practically difficult problems to solve, due to the increasing number of quality verifications and investigative reports required by active companies and individual investors in the space.

Verifer are presenting a solution to this problematic situation with their cutting-edge platform, which is designed to optimally facilitate activities in two key overall areas: verifications and investigations. Verifer’s platform leverages blockchain technology and a range of innovative features to ensure the delivery of reliable and transparent investigative data, with superior speed and volume capabilities compared to current options.

Verifer’s successful operations spanning many years have seen them grow to become one of the industry’s leading providers of AML, KYC, PEP and other verifications. When it comes to verifications, Verifer are seasoned veterans, and the platform’s enhanced capabilities reflect this. Ensuring compliance with country-specific legislation for each verification, Verifer can produce up to 10,000 KYC verifications daily through the platform- with the fastest delivery time of any KYC provider in the market. Therefore, even as the crypto market continues to expand in the future Verifer can be confidently able to process verifications with industry-leading speed and volume. AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) verifications are equally important in the blockchain space, and Verifer are able to offer industry-leading services on those fronts also, thanks to the years of operational experience, valuable resources (such as constantly updating datasets for PEP checks) and cutting-edge blockchain-based platform.

Verifier PR

The Verifer platform offers a range of unique and notable functionalities thanks to its innovative use of blockchain and automation technologies. An important feature to note is that any KYC certificate provided by Verifer can be accessed forever afterwards (securely on the blockchain), meaning that clients can always prove the validity of their purchased verification without any problem, should they ever need to. Automation will also play a key role in the secure and effective running of the platform in several ways. Anti-manipulation image analysing technology will be utilised to ensure the credibility of images/ photos used within the verification process and to easily identify fraudulent actors. The platform will also automatically detect the origin of both the client and verified person in question- therefore ensuring compliance with country-specific legislation for each verification. Through such unique functionalities, Verifer’s platform is able to offer notably more secure and efficient services for all parties involved.

More exciting for the average investor, however, is the platform’s investigative facilities on the ICO and blockchain front. The Verifer platform will be the portal through which potential investors can request tailor-made investigative reports on their chosen topic- from a company overview to a detailed ICO report, Verifer’s seasoned experts will provide you with a complete custom report. Verifer’s ICO Verification Program is a specific product designed to tackle one of the biggest problems in the space; the program will consist of an extensive investigation into an ICO project in relation to their project whitepaper and other documents. The ICO’s company, staff history and legality will be thoroughly and transparently investigated. Furthermore, the Verifer platform will facilitate an industry first through the monetisation of produced reports. These reports will be held on the blockchain, and if another interested investor purchases the report, then the original purchaser is credited with a percentage of the transaction cost in SPY tokens. Due to Verifer’s utilisation of a blockchain framework, all of these activities can be carried out in an ultimately transparent, efficient and reliable way like never before seen in the space.

The Verifer platform is built to enhance the blockchain space by an experienced team of experts from the inside out; the platform’s blockchain framework and unique functionalities ensure a base layer of efficiency, reliability and transparency. Verifer’s capabilities of producing up to 10,000 KYC verifications per day, at industry-leading speeds, sets Verifer firmly apart from the competition. The innovative platform enables the processing of previously unseen volumes of a range of verifications, and facilitates the effective purchasing and monetisation of investigative reports by investors in a way never before available in the industry. The Verifer platform is the product of years of operational experience by the Verifer team who have turned their attention to providing expert solutions for the blockchain space, designed with clear advantages over traditional verification solutions.

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