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Vibehub (VIBE): a Great Super Bowl LII (52) Day Trade

Vibehub (VIBE): a Great Super Bowl LII (52) Day Trade

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on February 4, 2018 Altcoins, Entertainment, News

The market is a sea of red today, yet a few leaders stand out from the pack. VIBE is one of the top gainers, but nothing should hold it back through this evening. They are sharing advertising space with Monster at the Super Bowl this evening!

The Super Bowl

The most watched televised broadcasts in history in the United States happen to be all Super Bowls. Americans love their football, and the Super Bowl is when the top two teams from across the country square off in a spectacle of gamesmanship and showmanship. Famous artists perform at halftime every year while the Super Bowl ads are spoken about for weeks to come. So this year, who is in the Super Bowl? Not that it matters for the point of this article, but the Philadelphia Eagles are playing the New England Patriots this evening. The Patriots are favorites but what is more important to note is the popularity of these two teams.

Both of these teams are either immensely loved or hated by different parts of the country. Tom Brady, even if you don’t enjoy football is a name you recognize. Eagles fans are some of the rowdiest (think soccer hooligans) in the entire country. Justin Timberlake is also performing at halftime making this a spectacle of grand proportions occurring this evening. Guess which cryptocurrency decided to advertise during the most televised event in the U.S. It wasn’t BTC, LTC, ETH, NEO, or XRP, it was VibeHub (VIBE). Yes, you heard that right VIBE has ads with Monster throughout the Super Bowl.

VibeHub (VIBE)

Today provides a unique opportunity for an 8-hour swing trade. The play is VIBE, with the Super Bowl beginning at 8 pm EST. During the Super Bowl, there should be multiple runs on the price of VIBE as the ad is zoomed in on the field, or as social media has images of it trending. VIBE is one of the few coins trending North today. It currently is priced at $0.74 with a market cap of $140 million. It would not surprise the King for VIBE to approach the $1.00 mark during the game or at multiple points throughout the day. Last night even as the market had a minor correction VIBE still rallied to over $0.97 cents and has since fallen back to $0.74. This coin has a very strong chance of making the holder 10-30 percent (depending on where you place your sell order) over the course of the day. Gains like this are rare to come by especially in a market that is full of red.

VIBE’s ICO made headline news raising over $10 million and selling out in under five minutes. One of the top backers was Charlie Shrem who is one of the most important figures in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Vibe tokens tie into Vibehub which ranks performers based on their online popularity. Think Yelp or IMDB but for musical artists. VIBE tokens can be used to purchase exclusive merchandise or get access to industry contacts. The next step is to allow the purchase of tickets and events directly through Vibehub. With so many scam ICOs, the fact that this one sold out in five minutes and has backers like Charlie Shrem speak volumes to the type of long-term token you have here. However, regardless of VIBE’s long-term value, today it should have an increase in value depending on how often their VIBE ad is shown during the Super Bowl.


Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered. On February 4, there is red everywhere. Do not get greedy and set your sell orders 50 percent higher than where you purchased just hours prior. The opportunity to make 10-30 percent in a day is not a regular occurrence. VIBE should continue to trend North having resistance as it approaches $0.80 and $0.90, with the highest resistance in the form of sell walls, at $1.00. The King would place your sell orders just under these whole numbers so if the resistance is not penetrated your order is still filled.

VIBE could increase exponentially more than expected if they have a surprise television ad or some other surprise occurrence today. VIBE looks like a great play for the day as the American population is introduced to a new coin during the most televised event of the year. With Coinbase also having an advertisement this year it becomes increasingly clear crypto and blockchain technology is a permanent fixture in society and will only continue to be adopted on a mass scale.

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