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Viola.AI Introduces REL-Registry – The World’s First Global Relationship Registry on The Blockchain

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on May 2, 2018 Press Releases

Viola.AI, the world’s first blockchain-powered Relationship Registry and Love AI that is created by the team behind dating giant Lunch Actually Group, has introduced REL-Registy — a global and transparent relationships and marital registry. REL-Registry protects users through decentralized ID verification with visual recognition and social media accounts and hashes their relationship status on to the blockchain which is immutable and accessible globally.

Viola.AI’s goal is to restore trust and transparency to the love industry in the current landscape that are plagued with problems from lack of verification, unsuccessful matches and wrong mindset to date for singles, to increasing relationships challenges that leads to more divorces, lack of transparency in relationship status, and diverse sources for advice for couples.

Why Relationships Registry?

In today’s day and age, online love scammers are making billions of dollars a year preying on unsuspecting singles. And there is no easy way for singles to find out someone’s actual relationship status. A key issue is that in the area of relationship status, marital registries are centralized and unconnected between countries or states, leading to lack of transparency and accessibility for any useful verification purposes.

According to The New York Post, the popular hook-up website for cheating spouses, Ashley Madison attracts 5.7 million new users this year — and most of them are women. And GlobalWebIndex (GWI) released the figure that shows 30 percent of Tinder users surveyed are married, while another 12 percent are in a relationship.

Introducing, Viola.AI REL-Registry

On top of verifying the users’ identity by checking their photo against the real-time video scan and their social media accounts, REL-Registry will also ascertain their relationship status and hash them on the blockchain.

With the nature of blockchain that is immutable, relationships that are hashed on the blockchain are decentralized and global – giving singles and couples peace of mind that their relationship status is transparent, regardless of their geographical location.

REL-Registry gives the assurance for singles that they are really talking to other users who are single and ready to commit. Already-married couples can now renew their vows via a marriage on the blockchain. Couples who are about to get married can opt for dual registration, one with their country of domicile and/or origin, and one on the blockchain, where they are openly declaring their commitment to each other.

“There needs to be a way for singles to know that the profile they are interested is indeed single and is not another married profile looking for some companionship. And for couples, using blockchain is, in fact, the most efficient and cost-effective way to announce one’s engagement and marriage,” says Violet Lim, CEO & Co-Founder of Viola.AI.

A wide variety of smart contracts can also be added too give structures and complement different types of relationships, for example, fun conditions to one’s engagement, such as having a date night once every week, and wedding preparation’s tasks and deadline and a more serious note such as putting down intentions for assets and arrangements of digital assets if one party is no longer there, etc.

Blockchain marriages are not something entirely new. In 2014, the first couple in the world registered their marriage on a blockchain through a wedding ceremony held on Skype. More couples have followed suit since. In fact, smart contracts are much safer and more reliable than the conventional methods of storing information – marriage certificates being no exception. REL-Registry makes the process more straightforward and accessible to all.

REL-Registry works hand in hand with the other core features of Viola.AI: the AI-engine which can perform deep learning about each user’s personality, background, and behavior. Viola.AI is a lifelong love advisor that evolves her role based on the user’s relationship journey which will give personalized advice, timely concierge service and quality matches to help singles to be effective in finding love and to help couples improve their relationships.

Experts and merchants would be able to offer their relevant services to highly targeted users. Using Ethereum smart contracts, all parties will be assured that any community and partner’s effort to improve Viola.AI will get their agreed-rewards or revenue share.

Viola.AI’s Open Integration also allows its technology not just to be used at solving problems in the Love industry. It is the core of a new registration, verification, and recommendation engine to provide innovative and secure solutions for all other industries, with VIOLET token at the heart of this ecosystem.

Viola.AI will be launching its Public Sale between 29 May to 17 June to coincide with the launch of the product’s MVP. The Pre-sale of the project was sold out five days early back in January, and the company recently launched its Alpha Club for contributors of the project which entitles them to special rewards and privileges.

To learn about how Viola.AI will change the world, one relationship at a time and to join the whitelist, visit

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