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Press Release - Cryptos

WCDC Unveils new Dawn for Crypto Payments

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on October 1, 2018 Press Releases
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Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could pay for all of our essential needs whenever, however, and most importantly wherever we want to? Believe it or not, cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, has the potential to give easy access to money when shopping at home or abroad. It is currency after all and was developed for the everyday use of purchasing goods and services like traditional money. So what is holding crypto up?

More and more people should use cryptocurrency for its ease, low cost and secure storage of value, and the tipping point will soon be reached when millions start to make crypto payments anytime and anywhere – while traveling, trading and even for everyday purchases.

Let’s remember, cryptocurrency took one year for anyone to make a single purchase with it. In 2010, for the first time, someone successfully used 10,000 Bitcoins to buy two pizzas. At the present market rate – 10,000 Bitcoins are currently worth more than $63 million. That was one expensive snack!

However, purchasing cryptocurrencies is far more comfortable than spending them. Why is that?

Firstly, there are not many places to use crypto to purchase things. Although that is changing very fast – today, almost ten years on, one can find many more things to buy with Bitcoin. And secondly, because for many users, cryptocurrency is an asset to hold for the long term. They are buying Bitcoins and wait, hoping that it will bring them a fortune in the future just like hatching a golden egg.

However, such habits do not help virtual currency to go mainstream. Cryptocurrency needs more distribution in the everyday economy.

The World is Ready for Crypto in Daily Life

Traditional, incumbent institutions like banks have always been wary of new technology, which is ironic because they could profit most from the adoption of cryptocurrency as a faster, cheaper and more secure method of processing payments.

Moreover, the vast majority of merchants do not accept cryptocurrency payments because the transaction times are slow, and fees are quite prohibitive for merchants.

But actually, cryptocurrency is an excellent method of storing and trading in value, which has been made possible by the dynamic technology of blockchain which enables fast, highly secure transactions between participants without the need for intermediaries. Cryptocurrency is also ideal to use while traveling abroad because it is stored digitally, provides better rates of conversion and minimizes the danger of loss or theft.

All of this has been very well documented in the news and social media – but how many of us are using cryptocurrency in our everyday life?

As more and more of us come to realize the ease and security that virtual currency provides, the use of cryptocurrencies as the basis for everyday commercial payments will become as common as using a debit or credit card like these days.

A New Day is Dawning

Today, start-ups are beginning to use blockchain platforms more and more for payments. And as this trend is continuing, the underlying networks are maturing and scaling to the levels required for peak distribution and transaction processing.

The volatility of cryptocurrency prices can be mitigated by converting to fiat currency at the point of sale. Merchants will receive fiat currency, while users will get lower fees, more security and value-added services like discounts and rebates.

Start-up companies working on blockchain platforms for cashless payments know this and have already demonstrated the technology, and it is improving day by day.

WCDC (World Credit Diamond Coin) is a project that enables foreign exchange transactions and international fund transfers conveniently by harnessing the full advantages of virtual currency. Payments will be converted and made in fiat currency, making merchants happy and complying with all regulations worldwide.

The WCDC conversion from crypto to fiat eliminates unnecessarily high fees in cross-country, business to business, and everyday purchases. Funds can be transferred over the WCDC e-Platform to bank accounts anywhere.

The dynamic WCDC e-Platform will also reduce the settlement time to ease merchants’ concerns and guarantee their payments are concluded.

Introducing the BR card

Enabling millions of people to make crypto payments anytime and anywhere – WCDC is introducing its payment card, the BR card, which promises to become a bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat.

Each BR card can be uploaded with cryptocurrency in an amount chosen by the user. This will allow everyday purchases, just like using cash. This unique card works with smart wallet technology and provides a real-time payment solution for everyday purchases, and that will unveil a new era powered by cryptocurrency.

Imagine a cool, new world where a cryptocurrency payment solution will enable the point of sale payments for everyday needs. WCDC promises that. Get ready to experience the future of crypto and fiat payments for everyday needs with WCDC!

About the Project:

World Credit Diamond Coin or WCDC is unveiling an everyday payment solution for cryptocurrency spending. It enables e-payments using fiat and crypto that is facilitated by a next-generation platform on blockchain technology. The WCDC ecosystem ensures that payments are processed quickly, by converting crypto to fiat currency and then transferring the funds to bank accounts worldwide.

The company roadmap is going from strength to strength and actively reaching new milestones on its path to mass adoption. Recently, WCDC has announced its listing on CoinSuper – one of the largest exchanges in the world.

Also, right now the project is conducting a massive Airdrop, where the first 20,000 lucky participants will get 40 WCDC tokens for free. You can find out more about the Airdrop campaign and how to join it in the official Telegram chat.

Find out more about WCDC by visiting our website or checking Facebook, Twitter for the latest news and even more exciting updates!



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